What Lies Dreaming

Famine wracks 2nd century Rome. Food riots rage in the streets, and the emperor struggles to hold on to power in the midst of a burgeoning coup. He recalls the German Legion to Rome to restore order. Unbeknownst to him, a hidden evil slips into the city along with the returning Legion. As civil war boils over and black magics run unchecked, an ancient horror stirs from its dreams, rousing after eons of slumber.

(content warnings)

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Table of Contents

Before The First Day (Preludes) 

1. Joah
2. Andreas
3. Marcus Verus
4. Joah 
5. Andreas

Day One (Lust) 

6. Marcus Verus
7. Joah
8. Andreas

Day Two (Diligence) 

9. Joah
10. Andreas
11. Marcus Verus
12. Andreas
13. Joah
14. Andreas 

Day Three (Gluttony) 

15. Joah
16. Marcus Verus 
17. Andreas
18. Joah
19. Andreas 

Day Four (Pride) 

20. Marcus Verus 
21. Andreas 
22. Joah
23. Marcus Verus 
24. Andreas 

Day Five (Wrath) 

25. Joah 
26. Andreas
27. Joah
28. Andreas
29. Marcus Verus
30. Andreas

Day Six (Revelations) 

31. Joah Verus
32. Marcus Verus
33. Andreas
34. Joah
35. Marcus Verus
36. Andreas

Day Seven (Unity) 

37. Joah 
38. Marcus Verus
39. Joah 
40. Andreas, Joah, Marcus Verus 
41. Joah
42. Marcus Verus
43. Andreas
44. Joah
The End 


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Cover Art by Liam Reagen