Eneasz was born in Poland during the Cold War. His parents escaped to West Germany and lived as refugees there for several years, before they were admitted to the US under the refugee program at the time. He now lives in south Denver, and has a number of meaningful relationships of many varieties.

Eneasz was raised in an apocalyptic Christian sect. While he’s left that behind, it still colors much of his writing. A fair bit of his other writings can be found at his Fiction page. He has a personal blog at Death Is Bad, and regularly posts book reviews there as well.

His short works have previously appeared in Asimov’s and Analog magazines, and he is a Writers of the Future winner.

Eneasz created the audio book version of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. He has produced a fair bit more rationalist audio fiction at The Methods of Rationality podcast after that. He is a cohost and founder of The Bayesian Conspiracy, a podcast of things-of-interest for Rationalists. He can be reached at embrodski@gmail.com

He’s always willing to strike up a conversation with anyone in dark clothes and eyeliner.