34. Joah

34. Joah The hours kept growing heavier, the sky more oppressive. Its blue dome sank onto the Earth, squeezing us beneath its weight. I kept my head ducked as I scurried from frantic streets to debris-choked alleys, afraid of feeling Read More

30. Andreas

30. Andreas All this killing is really starting to get to you. You know it’s important. You know that the only way to stop violence is counter-violence. The Praetorians would kill anyone in their way if you didn’t stop them. Read More

29. Marcus Verus

29. Marcus Verus Marcus came to the end of his son’s letters. He’d done nothing but read them since Titus kindled his suspicion yesterday evening. He’d read through them all multiple times. His hands trembled. Twenty-four hours ago, he’d secluded Read More

28. Andreas

28. Andreas A Praetorian body falls from the sky and breaks on the cobblestones beside you. A stench of rotting spices bursts from it. Shouted orders and fighting grunts filter from above as you haul dilapidated furniture from the tenement Read More

26. Andreas

26. Andreas “You’re kidding, right? They’ll never accept me!” Benayah looks at you with incredulous eyes. He doesn’t believe you, but you can see the change in him. He’s killed now. He’s killed a man in combat, a man who Read More

4. Joah

4. Joah After Titus had finally left with his emptied wagons, I gathered up the remains of my dignity and went searching for Zia. I couldn’t meet anyone’s eyes. The gladiators had heard of my humiliation from the guards, and Read More